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So, you have scheduled your manicure and pedicure appointment, but this is just your first time and you do not know what to expect. Don’t worry; you’re in for a really good pampering. Here is what happens during a manicure Singapore and pedicure, too:

Pedicures and manicures

Are done at a nail spa or salon. You can choose between a high-end spa with all the services combined with the pedicure Singapore and manicure or you can have them done in a nail salon, which is very straightforward with their services, hence the much lower price. In addition, you can also choose to have a gel manicure for additional cost.

Manicure Singapore

A manicure Singapore starts with the removal of your current acrylic nail polish, if there is any. After that, shaping and filing of the nails will follow. There is a variety of nail shapes that you can get – the round and square-tipped ones are more common since they are much easier to maintain. Nevertheless, going with your nails’ natural shape ensures stronger nails. When the shaping is done, the nail technician will apply cuticle cream to the cuticles to soften them and then push them down. Some even cut the cuticles but it is not recommended. Doctors advise that you just push down the cuticles since cutting them may lead to infection. Tell your nail technician not to cut your cuticles if you are uncomfortable about it. The need to push them back is because doing so can make the nails appear neater and longer, making acrylic nail polish application much more easier.

After the trimming, filing and treating the cuticles, massage will come next. Hand massage involves reflexology techniques to help relax your hands. This is a very soothing, calming process, which can help stimulate proper blood flow.

After the massage is the nail polish application. Your nail technician will ask you whether or not you want color for your nails. If you agree to do so, he or she will let you choose the color or shade for your manicure Singapore. If you are a little unsure, try having a French manicure, which looks more natural and chic at the same time. If you are trying to be a bit edgy, you may want a nail art to go with your manicure and pedicure. Little flowers, animal stripes, and even your favorite characters can come alive right there on your acrylic nail. Regardless of what you choose, a base coat will be applied all the time, followed with the color or style of your choice. A clear top coat will be applied to protect the paint and this is called the top coat.

To make drying of the polish faster, your nail technician might place your hands under UV light. This process also helps harden the nails and make them stronger. The UV treatment takes about 5 minutes. Then, you have newly-treated hands or feet, which by the way, you should take care of within the first few hours after the salon treatment as they will still be prone to chipping. You may call your nail salon if there’s any chipping shortly after; most are very welcoming and can give you a nice and quick fix.

Getting Edgy With Gel Manicures and Nail Arts

As we stated above, if you want to get a bit edgy, try having a nail art. Nail art is a more elaborate way of applying nail polish, and may also involve glitter, stickers, stencils, and even rhinestones and semi-precious gems. Some choose to have nail art on some of the nails and the others choose to have each nail decorated.

On the other hand, a gel manicure is becoming extremely popular because they come in many shades and they look really good especially the matte ones. Most gel polishes are prettier and more elegant, not to mention they are long-lasting, with at least two weeks manicure life to say the least. The process for a gel manicure is relatively similar to a basic manicure Singapore, but the curing process under UV light is done in between coats. Say, you have the base coat followed with the UV treatment; then two coats of gel polish with a UV treatment after each coat, then another UV treatment after the top coat. Doing this tedious process ensures a longer-lasting manicure.

Choosing the Right Nail Color for Your Complexion

You may think that a purple nail polish will make your hands look dull or old or tired-looking, but ladies, you must keep in mind that there is a right shade of color for everyone. Maybe one shade of purple does not look good on you, but there is surely one that will flatter your skin tone. Here are some tips on how to choose a flattering shade: Check your skin tone. Regardless of the color you choose, it is best to check your skin tone and look for the best shade that suits you. Start with determining if you have warm or cool undertones. If your veins look greenish because of the yellowish or olive color of your skin, you have warm undertones. If your veins look blue, you are more likely to have cool undertones. Ladies with warm undertones will look great with beige-y nudes, orange-based brights, dark reds and chocolate. On the other hand,  ladies with cool undertones will definitely look lovely in pinkish nudes, blues, and violet shades. If you are not sure which color to choose, you can never go wrong with black.

Ask for professional advice. Ask your nail technician about color suggestions. A good manicurist is familiar with what shade will go well with each customer’s skin tone. Explain the look you want to achieve: girly, demure, fierce, name it.

Do a generous sampling. When sampling a color, don’t just brush a tiny amount of polish into your nail. To see the color properly, apply a generous amount that equals to two coats of polish. This way, you’ll get to see the the real color closest to the finished product.

Choosing a Quality Nail Salon

We know you are aiming for the perfect manicure Singapore, which can only be done by the right by a good nail technician from a reputable salon.  In choosing the best nail salon near you, use the following as a guideline:

Check if the environment, the salon, and workstations are clean. Also check if the nail salon follows city-instated guidelines and if the nail technicians observe sanitation practices.

Does the nail salon emits strong odor. Some of the nail products used emit strong chemical odors, hence you may need to consider proper ventilation of the premises. It is ideal for a nail salon to install proper exhaust system to minimize odors and fumes and at the same time eliminate filing dusts.

Ask the price range and the inclusions for each service. Make sure how the salon charge the services you avail. If you get a basic manicure, will the nail polish have extra charge? Is a gel manicure more expensive? Is a fast-dry coating will cost more?

Is the nail salon licensed? What about the nail technicians? While Singapore does not require nail technicians to have a license, it is good to know if they went under extensive training so you can make sure that they know what they are doing. On the other hand, the business itself needs to have business permits and health clearances so don’t be afraid to ask the nail salon about these.


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