About us

It’s new and fresh; it’s time for beauty and relaxation to come together. Specializing in manicures, pedicures and nail art, Nail Care Director gives you a wide variety of options to match your style and mood. Go on, visit us and sink into our plush couches. Relax and feel the luxury as we have your nails done, hands and feet massaged and pampered.


The Nail Care Director sits at the heart of Singapore, providing you with an easy-to-reach abode that will keep you feeling good whenever you need it. We decided to expand our business to serve both new and loyal customers from all over the city. Instead of focusing solely on our services, we also made sure that our nail salon is kept clean and neat. The tools and equipments we used are properly sterilized with hospital-grade solutions, all the time. Using many different products from different countries, our mission is to give you the best possible care for your hands and feet. Having your manicure and pedicure done regularly does not only treat your body, doing so is also beneficial to the mind and your overall self-esteem.



Our lounge welcomes customers and make them feel comfortable instantly while drinking hot tea. Allow your minds to rest and let go of all the stiffness of 9 to 5 work with our manicures and pedicures. Watch your hands and feet transform, leaving you confident and energized with each visit. Consult our professional nail technician on the latest nail trends or tell them to go for the classic. Regardless of what kind of manicure and pedicure you choose, rest assured, our friendly and reliable staffs will give you what you want and even exceed your expectations. Pay us a visit now at the Nail Care Director. Relax, luxuriate, beautify, and energize yourself. Call us now.